Mrs. Champagne :Agriculture Science

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 Mrs. Courtney Champagne

Mr. Abney & Ms. Wilson


Agricultural Science Department
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Sour Lake, TX 77659
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Hello all! I am a proud member of the Hardin-Jefferson Agricultural Department. I  graduated from Tarleton State University where I received a Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Service and Development. I am very excited to get this year started and watch as wonderful things unfold through our students. Horticulture is my passion. I love flowers! (This is a understatement) But I have a very soft place in my heart for show animals, basic animal science, introduction classes, and all levels of competition.I am very goal oriented and plan to push students to accomplish their goals and exceed all other expectations.

Benjamin Mays was quoted to say, "The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goals... the tragedy in life is having no goals to reach for."

I believe that with a little encouragement that students can do whatever they wish to do. I look forward to the this year has in store for us!

Class Schedule:

1st: Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources
2nd: Agribusiness
3rd: Conference
4th: Principles & Elements of Floral Design
5th: Principles & Elements of Floral Design 
6th: Principles & Elements of Floral Design 
7th: Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources