Useful Links

This is a database for research purposes. The user name is s1004592 and the password is hawks.

The literary reference center would be most helpful for literary research papers, summaries of texts, and the like. Check out other database search engines for other classes as well.
This is a research database that you can access at school or at home or anywhere you have access to the internet. The database is not a source found on the internet, but a source from a database, which is like a Google search for critics' research and other reliable sources. The username is hardinjeffhs and the password is hawks. Follow the directions from the handout you received in class the week we were in the lab to search information. It can also be found on the English IV page near the bottom in the Canterbury Research folder.
This web site identifies Medieval colors, symbols, and patterns found on coat of arms. Use this for your coat of arms presentation.

You must have an object from nature from this site, as well as an animal with heraldric significance. The other two categories, hobbies and talents and family heritage, do not have to come from a heraldric web site.