English I PreAP

Useful handouts for analyzing poetry:
SOAPSTone Poetry Analytical Technique SOAPSTone Poetry Technique.pdf
DIDLS Poetry Analytical Technique 
DIDLS Poetry Technique.pdf

Welcometo your first year of high school and English I PreAP!  This class is amore rigorous course of reading and writing analytically than academicEnglish I. You'll need to set aside some time each night to study whatwe've discussed in class and/or work on at-home reading and journalingassignments. I hope you are up to the challenge and ready to learn! This class will help you advance to your goal of becoming a moreadvanced thinker, forming better study habits and organizational skills. This class will also prepare you for the second level of English PreAPyour sophomore year, and then to Literature and Language in 11th grade,and then Literature and Composition in 12th grade.  You have theopportunity in 11th and 12th grade to take an AP test and receivecollege credit for your freshman English classes in college, dependingon which school you choose.  I know that seems far away, but it comesfaster than you think, so it's a good idea to have an idea of whereyou're going in your academic path.  

It is very importantthat you set your foundation today so that you can succeed to theutmost in the future, whether it be tomorrow, next year, or much later!  

In addition to reading works like Romeo and Juliet, Night, Odyssey, Fahrenheit 451,various poems, and other works in our textbook, we will buildvocabulary, reading analysis skills, and writing skills.  We will learnhow to read actively andcritically, and write analytically in response to what we read.  We willalso focus on expository writing and short answer responses. I hopethat you will learn much in this class, and I hope to learn a lot fromyou as well!  Let's have a great year!