Summer Workshop 2013 Page 3

Day 3: New Advisors: Focus Your Energy

Project Planning: See the workshop manual andadvisor guide for a proposal form and project planning summary. 

DASH: documents projects concerning drugs, alcohol, safety, and health

·  Projects that promote safety awareness such as traffic safety, home safety, bicycle safety, water safety, school safety, emotional safety, cyber safety

·  Projects to prevent drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse

·  Health awareness campaigns with accurate up-to-date information and education regarding health issues that impact adolescents including emotional well being.

Community Service: Recognizes school’s contribution to their communities by recording school total; includes all individual and campus organizations; documents cash donations, service hours, and donated goods. 

·  Project ideas can be found at and well as

Energy and Environment: Projects that promote environmental and energy awareness; ecological awareness may be tied to energy projects but may be distinct entities with no energy tie-in; suggested projects and a list of resources are included with the project report form in the resource guide

·  Energy projects

·  Environmental education projects

·  Weatherization projects

Pride and Patriotism: Documents projects involving national, state and community pride, school pride, and individual pride; report form outlines and makes suggestions of projects for each category

Outstanding Student Council