Club Information

H-J T.A.F.E.'s main goal every year is to distribute "Teacher Appreciation Gifts" to every teacher, secretary, and help at the high school.  Teacher Appreciation Gifts are simply gifts that the T.A.F.E. members put together for the teachers. 

The upcoming 2013-14 school year, T.A.F.E. is planning on giving Teacher Appreciation Gifts at these times:

  • The beginning of the school year
  • Teacher Appreciation Week, of course
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day
  • The ending of the school year

Among Teacher Appreciation, T.A.F.E. is also known for ShadowingShadowing is, in a nutshell, providing any qualifying T.A.F.E. member the option to replace one school day, per semester, for the opportunity to "shadow" their teacher of choice.  The members are allowed to choose from any willing teacher at China Elem., Sour Lake Elem., or Henderson Middle School... all of these schools are apart of H-J ISD.  Shadowing is the epitome of T.A.F.E.  It is giving the members a hands-on experience as to what it's like to be a teacher.  Not only is it very beneficial to an aspiring teacher, but also it's the highlight of their T.A.F.E. year.  Most members that choose to trade their school day to "shadow" - come back with smiles on their faces in hopes of one day being able to achieve their dream of teaching in a classroom of their very own.




TAFE... "The Hope for Tomorrow"