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August 22, 2016                                    Math Department Letter to Parent/Guardian                 


Dear Parent or Guardian,


I am looking forward to having your child in class this year.  Please read the following information and keep this sheet for future reference.  A copy of this form can also be found on my website.


Supplies required every day in class:

Notebook paper

Graph paper

1 inch binder with rings & pockets

Compass and Protractor


Red pens


Graphing Calculators:  The school has purchased TI-Nspire calculators for use in class.  It is highly recommended that you have your own graphing calculator to use at home when doing your homework.  If you are buying a new one, consider getting a TI-Nspire.  If you already have a TI-84 or TI-83, you may still use it for homework however you will be required to use the school’s TI-Nspire when in class.


Grading Policy:  60% Tests & 40% Homework.  You may access your child’s grades through the school website.


Retest Policy:

  • One low test grade per 9-weeks can be replaced by the cumulative 9-week test grade OR you may choose to retest one test per 9-weeks for up to a grade of a 70.
  • Additional re-tests may be given at teacher discretion.
  • The following tests cannot be retested: 9 weeks test, notebook tests, vocabulary tests, and projects.
  • All re-tests must be taken during the time period assigned by the teacher.

Daily grades: 

  • Zeros & low daily grades can be replaced by attending the ZAP program, but quizzes may not be retaken. 
  • Students will be allowed to make up daily grades received within the three weeks prior to ZAP. 
  • Alternative assignments will be offered for each ZAP session. 
  • These assignments must be completed during the ZAP session time. 
  • Students must bring their book, calculator, and all other necessary materials.
  • If you do not attend ZAP, you will NOT be given another opportunity to replace daily grades.


Cheating:  If your child is caught cheating on a homework assignment, the grade will be a zero and it cannot be replaced by attending ZAP.  If your child is caught cheating on a test, the grade will be a zero and the 9-week exam will not replace it.  If your child is caught cheating on ANY ASSIGNMENT, they will lose the privilege of replacing their lowest test grade.


Homework: I believe that the only way to learn math is practice, so please expect your child to have math homework every

night.  The key to success in any math class is in doing the homework.  All homework must be done in PENCIL and

ALL work must be shown to receive credit.


Make-Up Work:  Make-up work is the student’s responsibility and is outlined in the student handbook.  Your child will have

a syllabus/calendar with assignments and should refer to it when absent.


Tutoring:  Tutorials is offered every morning 7:30-7:50.    


Progress Reports:  Students will receive a detailed progress report after the 3rd and 6th week of each 9-week period.


Extra Credit:  Extra credit is built into the class and should be taken advantage of when offered.


Communication:  I feel that it is very important for you and I to work together to ensure your child’s success.  Good

communication is vital.  If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress in my class, please feel free to email me

at or call 981-6430 ext 3146.


I’m looking forward to a great year!