Unit 1 History and Research Methods
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Monday 8/21 - Introduction to class. Pass out syllabus. Assign "Get Acquainted Quilt". Oral Presentations 8/28. Assign Ch. 1 vocabulary for extra credit...due on Test day (9/13). Also assign Unit 1 Project from Syllabus packet, due 9/14.

Tuesday 8/22 - Listen to podcast of Greek Myth of Psyche. Myth of Psyche  and What is Psychology. Compete in groups in Penny Pitch to demonstrate the applicability of psychology in our lives. Fill out reflections worksheet. HW - Myers-Briggs Inventory  and email me your scores!

Wednesday 8/23 - Students received a personalized personality profile based on their results. Learned what the MB. Teaching is, and then filled out a MB Reflection on our type. A
ssign vocabulary for Ch. 1 (always worth 5 points extra credit on test). HW - Read pages 1-8.

Thursday 8/24 Concept Map Instructions & Rubric   How to concept map: How to Concept Map in 5 Steps and Concept Map General Example  . Watch Pre Scientific Video and take notes. HW - Assign Concept Map for Ch. 1 (due 9/13) Read pg's 8-12

Student examples:
student example 1  
student example 2  
student example 3  
student example 4  

Video: How to Concept Map

Friday 8/25 - Scientific roots & Historical schools of Psychology Early Schools of Scientific PsychMoms&Dads of PsychHistorical Notes  HW - watch video on Contemporary Perspectives assigned through Google Classroom. Read article through Google Classroom.

Tuesday 9/19  Look at Descriptive Research of psychological research methods: case study, survey, & naturalistic observation. Wording Effect Obama Care videoHW - Complete Timeline PsychsimRead pg's 57-58

Wednesday 9/20 -  Correlation notes video Conduct your own  Correlation Activity, Here are Correlation Activity Variable Examples . Click here for how to plot a scatter plot and determine the correlation coefficient in excel. HW - PsychSim 5 - Descriptive Statistics on Google Classroom, and complete worksheet.  Complete activity. Check out Spurious Correlation

Thursday 9/21 - Ch. 2 S. 1 quiz. Look at Real Correlational research. Notes on Experimentation Notes HW - read Why Placebos Work Wonders article & Practice in Identifying Variables  Read text pg's 45-51 & 60-63.

Friday 9/22 - Ch. 2 S. 2 quiz. Notes on Stats. Here is the Stats Graphic Organizer   Learn how to compute the Standard Deviation and Variance Explanation  HW - read pg's 55-57 & 58-60 & Appendix B (pg's A7-A14)

Monday 9/25 - Ch. 2 S. 3 quiz. Stats HW   HW - What's Wrong with this Study? worksheet PsychSim module on Google Classroom 

Tuesday 9/26 - Ethics in psychology research. Look at some of the most famous unethical experiments in psych. Read and discuss part of the Facebook Study and debate its ethics. HW - read pg's 66-68. Ch. 2 AP Multiple Choice Questions. Answers 

Wednesday 9/27 - More Stats Practice Learn how to write FRQ Tips  
HW - Study! and complete all extra credit.

Thursday 9/28 - Unit 1 Test! Extra Credit due: Ch. 1 & 2 vocabulary. Ch. 1 & 2 AP Review Questions. Ch. 1 & 2 Concept Map. HW - Dr. Chew AP Video Assignment on Google Classroom. 

Unit Review:
See the videos and websites below for some great unit review. 

Ch. 1 Practice
Ch. 2 Practice
Ch. 1 Quizlet
Ch. 2 Quizlet

Videos: Hint: Turn on CC 
Intro to Psych.
Psych. Research
Psych. 101

Zimbardo Videos:
 video (Past, Present, and Promise)
Understanding Research