Unit 3 Neuroscience
Friday 9/28 - Assign Unit 3 project, and Ch. 3 vocabulary and Concept Map for extra credit for Unit 3 Test.  Neurons notes. Demo of neuron firing. HW - Synapse Diagram 

Monday 10/1 - Neural communication videos: OneTwoThree. Took a Toilet Field TripNeurotransmission Notes-supplement HW - view video and read pg's 85-89

Tuesday 10/2 - Ch. 3 S. 1 quiz. Neurotransmitters! notes. HW - Read article PsyPost and read pg's 89-92 and pg's 108-116

Wednesday 10/3 - Ch. 3 S. 2 quiz. Memory Project due today! Neurotransmission Practice. Nervous System notes. 
HW - Explore Mouse Party and worksheet to see how illegal drugs affect neurotransmission.

Thursday 10/4 - Ch. 3 S. 3 quiz. The Brain notes and Phineas Gage video. HW- Read pg's 92-97

Friday 10/5 - Phrenology videoLEGO Phineas Gage, and Deep Brain Stimulation. Begin labeling the brain stem...1st page only. Brain image #1 and Brain Notes Chart. HW - read pg's 98-104

Monday 10/8 - Brain Image #2 and Brain Notes Chart
Splitbrain notes. 

Student Examples:

HW- read pg's 105 - 108 and do Hunger and the Fat Rat PsychSim5 and worksheet

Tuesday 10/9 - 
Unit 3 Test. All extra credit due. HW - Read pg's 108 - 110

Wednesday 10/10 - Make a Play Doh brain! HW - Read pg's 110 - 116.

Thursday 10/11 - 2nd day with our brains! HW - Read pg's 116-125
Friday 10/12 - 
Watch video Pinky and the BrainBroca's AphasiaWernicke's AphasiaAmputee controls Bionic LegBrain Plasticity, and Baby born without brain. Read article New Scientist. HW - watch this video


Unit Review:

The Brain Quiz
Neuroscience Quiz

Videos: (Remember to turn on CC...it's helpful)

Getting to Know Your Brain
The Chemical Mind

Zimbardo Videos:
The Behaving Brain
The Responsive Brain