Unit 8 Motivation and Emotion
Tuesday 1/30 - Unit 8 Project...What Really Motivates You? Assign Extra credit vocabulary, AP Review Test (Answers) and Concept Map. What motivates you? Why are you here? motivation powerpoint. Maslow discussion handout. HW - bring in something that is really motivating to you to share with the class on Monday. And read pg's 387-390

Wednesday 1/31 - Pass out extra studying material. Time to share what motivates you. Read The Science of Appetite article and complete graphic organizer from article. HW  - read pg's 391- 397.

Thursday 2/1 - Ch. 10 S. 1 quiz (motivation) 
Hunger powerpoint. HW - Hunger and the Fat Rat PsychSim. 

Friday 2/2 - 
Eating Disorders powerpoint. HW - read Psychology of Hunger article and Food Stamps and Obesity article. 

Monday 2/5 - Ch. 10 S. 2 quiz (eating). Read Sexually Transmitted Unease and How Oxytocin Makes Men Monogamous. Sex Motivation Supplement notes. HW - read pg's 398-410.

Tuesday 2/6 - Read Generation Y article. Extra credit opportunity TED TalksAchievement Motivation notes and Lecture
What style of leadership does Michael use? HW - read pg's 411-417

Wednesday 2/7 - 
Emotion powerpoint. Emotion ProjectEmotions List.

Thursday 2/8 -Emotions Project workday 
HW - read pg's 418-427. 

Project #1
Project #2 
Project #3

Friday 2/9 - Emotions Project workday. HW - Expressing Emotion PsychSim

Monday 2/12 - 
Begin Emotion project presentations.
Extras: Can you read people's emotions quizCan you spot the liar? article. TED Talks

Tuesday 2/13 - 
Complete Emotion project presentations. 

Wednesday 2/14 - 
Brain Valentines!

Thursday 2/15 -
 True Emotion powerpoint. TED Talks HW - Catching Liars PsychSim

Friday 2/16 
Neuro ReviewCh. 10 S. 3 quiz (emotion). TED Talks, What is stress? stress scale article. Are you type A or B? TED Talks. Health Psychologist profile

Monday 2/19 - Extra Credit due. Unit test. Turn in Unit 8 Project. HW - read pg's 431-436.

Unit Review: 
Practice Exam

The Power of Motivation Crash Course
Feeling All the Feels Crash Course
Emotion, Stress, and Health Crash Course
Let's Talk About Sex: Crash Course