Unit 9 Lifespan Development
Tuesday 2/19 - Assign vocabulary, Concept Map, and AP Review Test (Answers). Identify 10 life events that have influenced your development and 10 future events that will influence your development. "A Child's Song" excerpt. Infant and toddler notes. Infant Temperament Styles
HW - Prenatal Development PsychSim5 

Wednesday 2/20 - What is the ideal age? Watch aging video.Developmental Psychology notes. HW - read pg's 437-443

Thursday 2/21 - Ch. 11 S. 1 quiz (prenatal) PhysicalDevelopment powerpoint.  Assimilation vs Accommodation  examplesHW - read pg's 443-453.

Friday 2/22 -View and take notes on the two videos : Piaget #1   Piaget #2. HW - Complete the 2 page Piaget practice

Monday 2/25 -Cognitive.Social Influences powerpoint. HW - Piaget practice, and Complete Social Development Graphic Organizer

Tuesday 2/26 -Ch. 11 S. 2  quiz. Adolescence powerpoint. Physical development notes. HW- read pg's 453-458.

Wednesday 2/27 - Work on Unit 9 Project

Thursday 2/28 -Watch Moral Development. Complete Erikson and Marcia notes application. HW - read pg's 458-471.

Friday 3/1 - More Analyzing Eriksons practice. HW - Read these two articles "Is 25 the new cut-off point?"  and "Let's end adolescence"

Monday 3/4-Adulthood powerpoint. Adulthood notesDABDA! video. Baby pic extra credit. Read What makes you who you are? article.

Tuesday 3/5 - work on Extra Credit

Wednesday 3/6 - answers to practice test. Extra credit due! Unit Test. Unit 9 Project due!

Thursday 3/7 - 

Friday 3/8 - ​short day

Unit Review: 
Practice Exam #1
Practice Exam #2 

The Growth of Knowledge Crash Course
Monkeys and Morality  Crash Course
Adolescence Crash Course