Unit 11 Disorders and Treatments
Hypersex to Hoarding article
Ignore the DSM 5 10 Worst Changes article
Where Have All the Normals Gone? article and TED Talks (at bottom of page)
Bellevue: Inside Out video
Inmate Who Died While Guards Laugh article

Friday 3/29 - Unit 10 Test HW- read pg's 601-607

Monday 4/1 - Assign Unit 11 Abnormal Psychology. Assign Ch. 15/16 vocabulary, concept map, and AP Review Test (Answers). Intro to Abnormal powerpoint. Watch Lobotomy video. HW- 

Tuesday 4/2 - Defining Psychology Disorders worksheet. HW - Read pg's 608-612

Anxiety, OCD, and Trauma Videos:

Chad's OCD
Howie Mandel OCD
What a panic attack feels like article
OCD girl
Phobia Party
Pickle Phobia
Body Dismorphia part 1part 2

Wednesday 4/3 - Kahoot! Unit 11 S. 1 quiz. Watch Anxiety Disorders powerpoint. HW-read pg's 613-622

Thursday 4/4 - Kahoot! Unit 11 S. 2 quiz. Somatoform, Diss, Personality Disorders powerpoint. Watch Girls with mystery symptomsmovie clip. HW- read pg's 632-634

Friday 4/5 - Finish powerpoint. Watch DID clipAmnesia fugueMan with amnesia article, Hershel Walker part 1 and part 2, and Amazing Stories. HW-read pg's 635-639

Monday 4/8 - Cute clip OneTwo. Hand out Personality Disorder Party. Hand out Personality Disorders notes. It takes just one question article. HW-read pg's 623-632

Schizophrenia Spectrum Video Clips:

What it's like to experience symptoms video
Patient: Heather
Patient: Gerald
Catatonic Man
Schizophrenia Symptoms
Four Patients

Tuesday 4/9 - Kahoot! Unit 11 S. 3 quiz. mood & schizophrenia Watch 
Childhood Schizophrenia HW- read 647-656

Wednesday 4/10 - Disorder Practice worksheet. Handout Disorders Quiz - Christmas Carols. HW-read pg's 657-669

Thursday 4/11 - Kahoot! Unit 11 S. 4 quiz. How not to do therapy video.  HW-read pg's 669-679
Psychoanalytical therapy: clip
Humanistic therapy: clip 1clip 2clip 3
Behavioral therapy: clip 1clip 2clip 3
Cognitive therapy: clip 1clip 2 (start at 3 minutes)

Friday 4/12 - Handout psycho Therapy Practice, handout Therapy notes. BioMedical Therapy powerpoint. Read Psychologists prescribing meds article. HW - read pg's 680-685

Video clips:
clip 1
clip 2
clip 3

Holistic Healing & Psych Disorders:
The Evolutionary Mismatch
Holistic Psychologist
TED Talks

Monday 4/15 - Work on Unit 11 Project

Tuesday 4/16 - work on Extra Credit.

Wednesday 4/17 - Extra Credit due! Chapter 15 & 16 Test (Unit 11). Unit 11 Project due.

Unit Review:
practice exam
Which one doesn't belong notes
Review Guide

Psychological Disorders Crash Course
OCD & Anxiety Disorders Crash Course
Depressive & Bipolar Disorder Crash Course
Trauma & Addiction Crash Course
Schizophrenia & Dissociative Disorders Crash Course
Eating & Body Dysmorphia Crash Course
Personality Disorders Crash Course