Coach Kelm

Hello My Name Is...

Coach Kelm

I am Coach Kelm.  This is my first year at HJ.  I will be coaching football and I am the Head Boys Soccer Coach.  I graduated from WTAMU with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology.  This will be my 9th year coaching and teaching.

Class Schedule

1st period - IPC
2nd period - IPC
3rd period - Conference
4th period - IPC
5th period - Athletics
6th period - ISS
7th period - Athletics


HJ High School



Course:  IPC


Instructor:  Coach Kelm


Contact Information:

                        Phone number-


Course Description: 

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of physics and chemistry.  Emphasis will be placed on themes such as the themes of momentum, speed, and the history and future of chemistry.  Students will practice critical thinking skills by applying them to various situations.


Homework and Class work:

Homework will be given from time to time.  When homework is assigned it will be due the following day unless otherwise designated.

Class work will include projects, labs and other assignments.  If class work is not finished in class it will be assigned as homework to be turned in the following day.



Test will be given at the end of a unit or throughout the unit.  There will always be notice given before a test.  Quizzes will also be given.  There may be no advanced notice given for quizzes.



Regular attendance is required for all students.  This ensures the best opportunity for success.  Failure to be in class will assure inadequate time on course curriculum and poor understanding of the content and concepts.  Students are expected to be on time and in their seats when the bell rings.  If student is not in his or her seat when the bell rings for class to start, it will be counted as a tardy.  Students will be dismissed from class by the teacher, not the bell.



Late and Make-up Work:

Late work policy- 30 points will be deducted for each day the assignment is not turned in.  Work will be considered late if not turned in when asked for in class.  After that time the 30 point deduction will begin.  If work is not turned in before the graded assignment is returned to student’s classmates

Make-up work policy- As a student, you are responsible to coming to the teacher regarding any assignments you might have missed when absent from class.  You will have one day per absence plus one extra day to make up any work that was missed.  After that time period work turned in will be considered late.  For example, Johnny was absent Monday through Wednesday so he will have four days to make up any work that he missed.  If work is not turned in before the graded assignment is returned to student’s classmates


Materials Needed:

Each student needs to bring to class the following items: 1.) pen (blue or black ink only) or pencil; 2.) 2 composition books

If you fail to bring something and you have to borrow from me, you will have to exchange something for whatever you need.  Example: a shoe, keys, cell phone.


Classroom Rules and Consequences:


            Don’t be “that” guy/girl

Do what you are ask to do

            Be respectful of others in class

            Be in your seats unless you are doing a lab or have permission



            Tutorials are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings from 7:00 to 7:40.