End of Year Project

AP Psychology Final Project:
Begin project after AP Test and presentations on Final Exam Day

(This will count as your Final Exam grade)

For your final project in this class, I would like you to reflect on the many things you learned this year.  What things will you carry with you? What will be most relevant to you as you continue into life after high school? Will you live life differently, or raise your future children differently because of concepts covered in class?

After reflecting, you will give an oral presentation to the class on the “Top Ten” things you learned in AP Psychology this year. Your medium for presenting will be PowerPoint/Prezi or video. There is no paper writing requirement for this metacognition, so because of this, I have high expectations for your presentation (basically I’m not trying to overload you because I know you have important things to finish before graduation).

Rather than writing a paper to go with this project, I would like you to put your explanations in the comments area underneath each slide while PowerPoint is in edit mode.

You may define your “Top Ten” as specifically or as broadly as you like. While I expect psychological concepts, I am not opposed to you using a few general things you learned from this class that weren’t in the textbook (ex: concept mapping as a reading comprehension strategy, hippos are cool, etc.)

Presentations will be during normal exam time. We will draw names/take volunteers for the presentation schedule.

Have fun with this and be creative. My goal is to make our last days together as a class a combination of nostalgia and celebration J