Unit 10 Personality
Wednesday 3/7 - Assign extra credit vocabulary, concept map, and AP Review Test (Answers). Intro to Personality powerpoint. HW - Freudian Slip exampleWatch Cat in the Hat and do a psychoanalysis of the evolving personalities throughout the short story. 

Thursday 3/8 -  Defense Mechanism powerpoint. Defense Mechanism cheat sheet. HW - Defense Mechanism  practice #1, practice #2

Friday 3/9 - Video/short day

Monday 3/19 - Psychosexual Stages of Development powerpoint, pass out notes and activities. HW - read pg's 484-491.

Tuesday 3/20 - Review DM more practice, and more psychosexual stages practice. Projective testing powerpoint. HW - watch Neo-Freudian video. Read pg's 492-495.

Wednesday 3/21 - Evaluating Psychoanalytic theory powerpoint and Humanistic  powerpointHW - Humanistic Perspective Homework and read pg's 496-499.

Thursday 3/22 - Trait Perspective powerpoint
HW - Read pg's 500-513.

Friday 3/23 - Social Cognitive Perspective powerpoint.

Monday 3/26 - Turn in extra credit and Unit 10 Test. 

Unit Review:
Practice Test

Rorschach and Freudians Crash Course
Measuring Personality Crash Course