Unit 4B Consciousness
Sleep Week

Bedtimes of the most creative minds 
Why aren't there smells in dreams
How Much Sleep Do You Need?
What if you stopped sleeping?
Sleep or Die

Wednesday 10/31 - Unit 4 Test. Ted Talks and Gratitude Article. HW - Read pg's 183-195

Thursday 11/1 -  Sleep is the one thing missing in busy teenage lives article. . sleep powerpoint. HW - Dying To Sleep video. Read Narcolepsy and the Flu vaccine article. Read pgs 195-205

Friday 11/2 - Finish powerpoint. HW -  EEG and Sleep PsychSim5 and worksheet. Read pgs 205-211.

Monday 11/5 -
Sleep Disorders lecture
Narco 1Narco 2Narco 3Narco 4Narco 5Narco 6,  Sleep Apnea 1Sleep Apnea 2Night Terrors/SleepwalkingsleepwalkingNarcolepsy/Flu - article
HW - 
Take notes on Dream Theory Video

Tuesday 11/6 - Ch. 5 S. 1 Quiz. Hypnosis notes video. Are you suggestible? Read these - Hypnosis Activities .Hypnosis clips: High Schoolcollege, Surgery without anesthesia video (starts at 12:40). HW - States of Consciousness worksheet...to be completed as we go. Read pg's 211-218

Wednesday 11/7 - Drugs lecture. New research on addiction...interestingCoke v. Water & Technology Addiction HW - Drugs and Consciousness videoYour Mind on Drugs PsychSim5 and worksheet. Read pgs 218-225

Thursday 11/8 - Ch. 5 S. 2 Quiz. Extra Credit Answers for Ch. 5 - 8 and Study day

Friday 11/9 - Dream Journal (Unit 4 project) due. Extra Credit and Unit 4 Test. HW - Read pg's 229-235. Distribute Unit 5 Project...Conditioning Fun


Unit Review:

States of Consciousness Practice Test

To sleep, perchance to dream
Altered States

Zimbardo Video:
The Mind Awake and Asleep
The Mind Hidden and Divided