Personal Finance
Major Project:


- You are now 22 years old! Imagine yourself at this age...what have you done up to this point; college, trade school, random jobs? What are your plans for the future?
- You have $5000 saved up to invest in your life. What will you do with it? I will be providing some websites to help. 
-You will create a visual presentation with all this information. Go to your drive and create this in Google Slides...then you can just push it to me.
-When this is complete, email the finished project to me at and turn in Rubric with your name on it please.
-Goodbye! and Good Luck!

possible websites:

Career - do a websearch for your information. Try this if you don't have a clue  careers or to find houses. for mortgage and amortization calculators. Electricity estimator is at electricity bill to find a car. for auto and amortization calculators. For insurance, refer to nerdwallet - go to estimator in the middle of the page.

Personal ExpensesBudget calculator. Learn how to spend wisely at Feed the pig

Health Care - Plan #1 if you are a state or federal employee figure 10% of your income with a $2000 deductible and a $30 copay. Plan #2 if you are a private business/self employee figure 25% of your income with a $5000 deductible and a $50 copay. 

​Donations/Investments​ - Retirement Calculator

Automatic Deductions
- to figure taxes. Student loan repayment calculator

Budget - Use a numbers "Simple Budget" spreadsheet.